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Kick & Fit Club isn’t your traditional kickboxing gym.  From individual to group fitness classes, Kick &Fit Club will customize specific programs geared for all fitness enthusiasts from beginner to professional. 


Individual Weight Training:

Geared towards the individual who is self-motivated to achieve fitness goals in a stress-free, unstructured environment. 


Private Training:

A private training program uniquely designed for clients seeking to find their fitness comfort zone through one-on-one training in a stress free, structured environment. Semi-private sessions for 2 or more participants are also available.  


Cardio Kickboxing Classes:

An instructor led, motivating, intensive full-body cardio kickboxing workout geared to individuals or members of a group with focus on superior results.  The focus during the kickboxing classes will be on:

- Boosting your confidence

- Reducing your stress 

- Cardiovascular endurance

- Weight loss by burning calories

- Muscle toning

- Strengthening muscles


Know Your Burn!

In addition, Kick & Fit Club has partnered with MyZone to help you see how hard you’re actually working.  MyZone is an accurate fitness tracker that uses a formula based on your age to find your max heart rate, which allows you and trainers to quickly identify how hard you’re working and adjust your workout accordingly so you can get the most effective workout possible.  And if you might be a little on the competitive side, our in-gym leader boards will keep you updated throughout your workout on your performance.  Unlike some gym heart rate monitors, your MyZone device can be used for any workout, anywhere and recorded for you on the Kick & Fit Club app for constant accountability.


Workout Lesson
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