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Can I try it before I sign up?

Absolutely! At Kick & Fit Club, the first class is always free.  Sign up today!

How do I book my first class?

 Sign up today!


What if I’ve never boxed before?

No problem!  Our amazing trainers will show you the ropes. 


Do I have to be in shape?

No.  Kick & Fit Club is for people of all levels.  You can do it at your pace.


Do I need to bring gloves?

No.  We have loaner wraps and gloves for your first lesson.  Every member receives a new pair of wraps and gloves when they enroll.

Can I pause my membership?



Can I pay by the visit?

Yes!  You can buy a day pass for $25 or a 6 pack of classes for $99.  We also offer a 6 pack with gear for $139.

Does Kick and Fit Club host events?

Yes!  Private events are available for $125.  Want to host a mixer, team building opportunity, fundraiser or self defense class, email us at


What makes Kick & Fit Club different?

Kick & Fit Club transforms your body, mind and mental health all at once with a trainer led kickboxing workout.  Kick & Fit Kickboxing Club provides a challenging, adrenaline rush-filled workout that anyone at any level can do.  Members can supplement cardio days with our fully equipped gym for total body conditioning and utilize a professional trainer for learn the best exercises to meet their goals.

In addition, Kick & Fit Club has partnered with MyZone to help you see how hard you’re actually working.  MyZone is an accurate fitness tracker that uses a formula based on your age to find your max heart rate, which allows you and trainers to quickly identify how hard you’re working and adjust your workout accordingly so you can get the most effective workout possible.  

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